How to protect your resin table for years to come?

Feb 10, 2021Advice article

Scratched table top? It’s already in the past. At Malita Just Wood, we have implemented an innovative way of securing tables—we wrap them with colourless protective film with regenerative properties. You don’t have to worry that scratches on the table top will make your beautiful epoxy resin table look unsightly. How does it work? Let us explain it to you.

Rysy na blacie - jak zabezpieczyć stół

Don’t worry about scratches on the table top

Epoxy resin tables delight us with their uniqueness, natural appearance, and noble craftsmanship. But they are made not just to look nice—first and foremost, their purpose is to be useful. Plates, cutlery, cups, vases, cats’ claws, kids’ toys—there are plenty of dangers to table tops at every corner, that’s why it is so important to maintain and protect them properly.

Choosing boards, grinding and embedding them in resin, and giving a piece of furniture a proper shape—those are just a part of our work. The distinctive nature of resin results in the need to provide additional security to furniture, so it is not affected by the daily use. At Malita Just Wood, we regularly cover all wood furniture with your impregnation of choice: oil or varnish, but what about the high-gloss resin tables that are more prone to scratches?

To make our table tops, we use the best-quality resin and the hardest varnishes available on the market but there is no solution in the world that guarantees that there will not be small cracks and scratches on this type of furniture. They can be particularly noticeable on a glossy surface when we look at them against the light. We looked for a solution for several years and we asked ourselves a question—how to effectively protect a resin table, so the scratched table top issue stops bothering our customers?

For a scratched table top—protective film

Yes, a colourless protective film! We had long and persistently sought the right way to robustly secure table tops until we found the film. We tested it for months with specialists of the Wilczynskyhome company. We use the high-class Llumar products—the thickness of the film is approx. 200 microns which provides protection not only against scratches but also against mechanical damage. Unfortunately, no one has invented a solution to protect resin table against exposure to e.g. a hot dish, that’s why it is still recommended to use coasters.

Colourless finish made of protective film protects the table top for up to 10 years. It is perfectly transparent and is available in two versions—neutral (leaves the natural resin table top gloss) or matte (provides the table surface with the satin effect).

stół z żywicy i porysowany blat
Stół z żywicy jak uniknąć rys na blacie
zabezpieczenie stołu z żywicy folią

The process of applying the film requires knowledge and experience—the applicator team first cleans and degreases the table top surface and then covers it with a special liquid and applies a pre-prepared foil template. Here is where the precise work begins because we have to properly remove the liquid and air apples from under the film—then the foil is being precisely stretched and bent over the edges of the table, so it perfectly sticks to the table top,” explains Tomasz Wilczyński of Wilczynskyhome.

Jak uniknąć rys na blacie stołu

The film is perfectly matched and cut—it is not visible, to the contrary: it beautifully emphasises the colours and the natural grain of the wood. The most important thing is that the film cannot be removed by accident. When we need to take it off in the future, the table top will remain in the same condition as it was before it was covered with the film. For round table tops, we secure the entire surface of the table top, and for the rectangular table tops, we also secure the edges of the table. Llumar provides a 10-year warranty for the durability of the colourless protective film.

What is extremely important, this protective film has self-healing properties. What does it mean? When exposed to heat, the material yields and all scratches and damages automatically heal and disappear—for that, you only need e.g. the heat of the sun’s rays, hot water or the heat from a hair dryer.

zabezpieczenie stołu folią

In summary, why should you protect your resin table?

Thanks to the protective film:

  • table tops do not get scratches,
  • table top scratches disappear on their own,
  • you can fully enjoy your perfect epoxy resin table at your home, without having to worry about its wear.

We introduced the service of covering furniture with protective film in January 2021—we are the first company who has developed such a solution. This is an additional option, the price is customised for each project; please contact us so we can find a perfect solution for you. Do you know that nowadays, 9 of 10 customers order a table at Malita Just Wood with the table top protection?

stół z żywicy epoksydowej - zabezpieczenie stołów

Interestingly, our current customers also can use the furniture protection service. If our resin table already has the signs of daily wear and tear—small scratches that bother you and your household members—contact us by email or phone. We will determine the price of the service and then you will send us the whole table or just the table top and we will repair it—first we will remove the scratches (the table will be as new) and then we will secure it with the colourless film and send it back to you. Isn’t that a perfect solution?

Stół z żywicy epoksydowej zabezpieczyć przed rysami

Unique furniture for years to come – from us, for you

This time, we had an opportunity to secure a table top with film and I recommend this option particularly to those who choose the gloss variant. Thanks to the film, kids can play on the table e.g. with toy cars. Without the film, they would scratch the table top and every scratch on the table top is a wound inflicted to the owner,” as honestly says one of our customers, Krystian. No words can describe this service better than a customer’s opinion. Thank you!

Wood and resin furniture is not only beautiful stories of a search for a perfect board, attempts to find a piece of wood with unusual grain or a particular knot—the history of furniture is created primarily by our customers. We are glad that by protecting our furniture in this innovative way, we can ensure that the Malita Just Wood tables will be useful for years to come.