How to choose the size of your dining room table?

Mar 30, 2020Advice article

It would seem that choosing the right size of the worktop is a trivial matter! However, nothing could be further from the truth. When I was thinking about choosing the right topic for my first blog post, this subject came to my mind first. I shared it with a new friend and… bingo! I quote: “Great topic! It’s a pity I haven’t had a chance to read such an article before. I’d avoided buying too big a table for my dining room.” I no longer had any doubt that this subject was a priority. If you are in a situation like my friend’s, or maybe you still have not decided whether to buy a table, this article is for you.

Here we will show you, in an easy and uncomplicated way, how to choose the right size of the worktop for everyday use and for special occasions.

Stół z drewna i szkła

How to choose a table for the room?

First of all, you should measure the room where the table is to be located. The minimum distance for moving the chair away and getting up is 55 cm. It is more convenient if the distance between the edge of the worktop and the wall or other obstacles is about 75 cm. After this initial dimensioning, we already know the maximum tabletop width we can afford.

Table width and length

What is more, we should know how much minimum space one person needs to eat a meal freely. It is assumed to be a tabletop that is 60 cm long and 40 cm deep. If you can afford more comfort, we suggest increasing the length of the tabletop to 70-76 cm for one person. Assuming that you need 40 cm of space for one person, a table top that is 80 cm wide is the absolute minimum. Why? It is also important to remember that when planning the table dimension, we should take into account the food platters between two people sitting opposite each other. A table width of 90 cm is thus optimal but if you can afford to choose a table with a width of one metre, then you should definitely do so.

The length of the table depends on how many people you want to sit at it at the same time and also on whether there is someone to sit on top of it. If you have a small dining room or kitchen, you should consider choosing a folding table. With two extension tops, we gain 100 cm of tabletop length.

Table height

The table height is usually between 75 cm and 80 cm. Where does this discrepancy come from? When choosing the height, you should take into account your height and the height of the chair seat (and sometimes even the height of the armrests in the chair). For tall people, it is convenient to have a meal at a tabletop that is 78-80 cm high. Shorter persons should buy a table that is 75 cm high.

Shape of the table

If you already know your optimal table dimensions, it is worth considering what you would like the shape of the table to be. We usually have four options to choose from—round, oval, square, and rectangle.

When considering how to choose the shape of the table for the room, you should first determine the place where you plan to place it. This information should be available for you after you have completed the stages described above. If this piece of furniture is to stand in the middle of a small room, you should choose an oval or round shape that would optically enlarge the space. If you want to place it next to the wall, a square or rectangular table will certainly be more appropriate.

In addition, a round, edgeless table will work well in the homes of families with small children. Square or rectangular shape, on the other hand, will be much more comfortable for working or studying, especially at the computer. Your individual preferences are, of course, also an extremely important selection factor. The round shape of the table is relatively rare, so it allows you to distinguish the interior in an attractive way. On the other hand, however, it significantly limits the possibility of making large changes in the future design, as such a table should not be too close to the walls and other elements of the interior.

Remember: minimum table sizes per person:

  • Tabletop length: 60 cm
  • Table depth: 40 cm
  • Table height: 75-80 cm

Below you can find optimal table dimensions for the number of people sitting at the table.


Table size and shapes