Business projects

We also make tables for companies that have a specific purpose: for front desks, halls, offices, as well as common spaces and conference rooms. Our carpentry workshop is capable of making furniture with wood and resin of very large dimensions, such as e.g. a conference table that is several metres long.

At Malita Just Wood, we pay particular attention to the consistency of the whole project and to how it integrates with the interior of the corporate space. The jeweller’s precision of craftwork, the quality of carefully selected materials, and the ability to display the natural beauty of wood make our furniture perfectly complement corporate interiors arranged in a modern, industrial or eclectic style, making the work of the whole company easier and more pleasant.

You can read about our realizations on our blog:
A journey through the interior of an office block, Part One” and “A journey through the interior of an office block, Part Two“.

Realization for a cosmetics company

Conference room

President’s office

Lobby and reception

Realization for Coca-Cola

The presented furniture has been made as a special order and serve as examples.
If you dream of similar furniture, feel free to contact us.