About us

MALITA is a carpentry workshop focused on combining classic craftsmanship with modern technologies. It was born out of a passion for a beautiful and unique form of natural wood. It specialises in unusual, sophisticated and fully individualised projects. They are created with passion and attention to detail. MALITA tables are a manifest of the nobility and beauty of solid wood.

Malita - Stoły z żywicy epoksydowej na zamówienie

Our passion has the aroma of wood

There is no philosophy, no big idea, no big words in our history. But there is a team of people who know a lot about wood, who are able to look at it differently and use this approach to create something unique, something that manages to resist momentary trends. The extraordinary is our hallmark.

Together, we will create the table of your dreams!

Who is behind this?

Our team is a group of different personalities, talents from different fields, people with different education and experience. We believe that this mixture has a direct impact on our success, on the final appearance of our tables, and on the dynamic growth of our company. In business, we are all about relationships.

We focus on the detail. There are no two identical pieces of wood or two identical customers—that is why the final product is as personal as possible. Ar Malita, custom-made furniture has a different meaning, a different dimension. And we are proud of it.

Contact us, ask, start.

You can expect an exchange of ideas, many choices, and a wait.
You will be happy to find out what our products can bring to the table.

And the results will satisfy you!