A wooden table – where it all began

Jan 26, 2021Advice article

This is a short story of how passion and professionalism can create a special bond between people. We will tell you how a wooden table became a starting point of cooperation and how we at Malita Just Wood helped create a very special home of Nikolina and Michał in Łódź.

If natural, then only with oak

Nikolina and Michał came to us with a very clear vision of their new home. Everything had been thought-out—the interior was supposed to be spacious, modern, but also natural, warm, and cosy, and the heart of it was supposed to be a dining room. At first, we were commissioned to create just a big, practical wooden table. When we first talked about furniture, however, we found a common ground—what brought us together was the love of wood, and the positive energy between people turned into a shared project, while the list of wooden furnishings significantly expanded.

For our new customers, the solidness and simplicity of furniture were extremely important. For that purpose, together we chose the king of trees, which is oak. The couple wanted a functional interior, so the furniture had to be designed in an aesthetic way, but also had to be comfortable in use. It was supposed to be designer furniture, but only so far as the hosts felt at ease within their own four walls.

For Nikolina and Michał, it was a great joy to have the opportunity to co-create their furniture from the very beginning, for example, choose the plank type. They commented: “Not only did we have a sense of participating in the process of creating the piece of furniture, but we were also able to choose the perfect knot and the most beautiful graining that we are going to look at every day.” Could there be any better recommendation for our work than this?

Skandynawskie wnętrze stoł z żywicy

A wooden oak table—the heart of a homestead

From the beginning, it was supposed to be the heart of the home that reflects its characteristics: the table was to be solid, strong, and it was to beat to the rhythm of the household members’ life. Big and comfortable. Featuring slightly rounded shapes and a natural edge line. Its surface was to be smooth and pleasant to the touch, with perfectly visible grains and preserved knots. An oak table invites you to have breakfast and to chat over coffee. Despite its solid support on robust white-lacquered steel legs, its structure is lightweight in design and thus matches a sparse interior, which is reminiscent of Scandinavian style. We started with this piece of furniture—and the rest just happened.

Stoły drewniane blat
stoły drewniane z żywicy epoksydowej

The detail makes the whole—a chest of drawers

Nikolina and Michał turned to us because they liked it that we tried to extract from wood what is most extraordinary about it. The most important thing is the detail. Therefore, it was exactly the detail that became our focal point for creating another piece of furniture: a chest of drawers for the bedroom. We spent a long time working on its form and carefully selecting each component. Interestingly, we made the drawer fronts using natural oak veneer to make the grains form a uniform, natural plane. Effect? Extraordinary—a simple, geometric chest of drawers emanating the nobility of an old tree.

Komoda z naturalnego forniru dębowego

Originality paired with ergonomics: flower beds

We get our inspiration from everyday situations, and the story of these unique helper tables will always bring a broad smile to our faces. The idea for their form came to us kind of by chance. Nikolina told us about the idea for flower beds, which were to combine oak with resin and whose style was to correspond with the wooden table in their dining room. Then, a supplier offering beautiful oak roots magically appeared in our carpentry workshop. That’s when we felt “This is it!”.

Kwietniki z drewna i żywicy epoksydowej

We sent pictures of the roots to Nikolina and she immediately liked the idea. This is how this extraordinary masterpiece was created—we embedded oak roots in matte white resin. The flower beds are not only beautiful, but also ergonomic, just like any piece of furniture in Nikolina and Michał’s home. They form a set, so they can be placed one under another. They are unconventional but elegant—they have managed to make the unique interior of the house even more original.

Kwietniki z białej matowej żywicy
Ergonomiczne kwietniki w białej żywicy

Tailor-made: working together

The entire home impresses with its modern and detail-oriented interior design. The base is pure white walls and warm wood: the floor, and the wooden table. This is a brilliant counterbalance to the sparingly-placed and furniture and its slightly raw form. This compilation makes the interior spacious but also cosy and warm—everyone is going to feel good in this house.

Drewniana półka minialistyczny styl skandynawski

Ultimately, we made most of the stand-alone furniture, not just the wooden dining table, the chest of drawers and the flower beds. They were perfectly thought-out by Nikolina and Michał—we received their vision together with a lot of technical drawings showing dimensioned cabinets. We enriched the living room space with a coffee table, a specially designed, tall chest of drawers and a TV cabinet. Each piece of furniture is functional and has its precisely designated place.

The coffee table, interesting and beautiful in its simplicity, also corresponds with the style of the dining table—with the shape of its wooden top and its white frame. It is actually a miniature of it. It really invites you to have a cup of tea, doesn’t it?

The cabinet with drawers equipped with a wooden top was made to match the dimensions specified by the household members. It has a special retractable barrier that helps them while caring for their four-legged friend.

Malita Just Wood products are also in the lead in the bedroom. In addition to the chest of drawers, we also made a bed and a standing mirror. We like this large double bed and the hanging little cabinets. With a white strip placed under the frame, it looks as if it was floating above the ground. The whole gives an impression that the bed was carved from a single piece of wood rather than assembled from several parts.

Simplicity, ergonomics, naturalness—these are probably the right words to describe the outcome of this cooperation.

stół drewniany z żywicy epoksydowej
Meble do sypialnie na miarę

A tale of professionalism and emotions

We have been creating furniture from wood and resin for many years and we still love our work as much as we used to. Emotions is what we transfer to each epoxy resin table, to the first and one hundred first resin coffee table sent abroad, and to a wooden table that we make for you.

The story of the furniture made for Nikolina and Michał from Łódź tells us that an unrefined, unbridled piece of wood can be transformed into something perfect in expression and simple in form, thanks to experience, passion, and cooperation.

Because an experienced craftsperson puts their whole heart into their work.