A journey through the interior of an office block, Part Two

Jan 31, 2022Furniture for companies, Products - tables

Welcome back to the remarkable interior of the office block, the headquarters of an international cosmetics company. It’s where the nature intertwines with innovation, whilst business challenges are accompanied by the ambience of warm, pleasant tones and materials. Today we invite you a little further, to the representative spaces, where the surroundings are even more important—this is where important decisions are made. We’re talking about the main conference room and the chairperson’s office, which we had the pleasure of furnishing. Come on in.

Biurko z kontenerem biurowym do gabinetu z żywicą

You’re already familiar with the story about the origin of the cooperation between Malita Just Wood and Ewelina—the architect who designed the interior of this office block. If you wish to refresh your memory and read the previous blog entry, click here: A journey through the interior of an office block, Part One.

So you already know that apart from the whole reception equipment, we also made:

  • the furniture for the conference room made of precious fine oak: a table, a chest of drawers, wall shelves, and a natural tree in the corner of the room,
  • a desk with a container, built-in furniture, a table and a coffee table in the chairperson’s office—made of stunning walnut wood combined with navy resin that highlights the brand colours.

The space arrangement was supposed to reflect the spirit of the brand—its naturalness— whilst emphasising the professionalism of the company with a modern design. The primary goal both for the architect and the contractor was to achieve this effect by a proper selection of materials and taking care of the details. Did it work? See for yourselves.

Wielki dębowy stół konferencyjny

The conference room – modern and natural

It is used as a meeting point in every company, hence it should be representative—the conference room. We made a set of furniture for this special room located in the office block. Let’s move on.

The heart of every house is usually a kitchen or a dining table. It invites the household members to chat, dine, and unwind. Office space also provides a spot where people discuss important matters and solve problems. In our interior, the conference table serves this purpose due to its awe-inspiring size and grandeur. The perfectly fitting material—refined and precious oak wood—was a conscious choice. It underlines the respect for tradition, yet at the same time stresses an unconventional attitude towards any issue with the top made of resin and shiny varnish. The boards are covered in beautiful large knots and have a smooth, natural edge, which was essential for the investor.

Did you know that the table top was so gigantic that it had occupied the whole carpentry shop for a couple of days? After joining the two elements together, the table is 8 m long and weighs around 700 kg. Six men had to carry it to the conference room!

Drewniany stół konferencyjny z dębu

The wall shelves are another interesting story. They occupy one entire wall. They are also made of oak wood and trimmed similarly to the table top. As it was essential for them to be stable, their installation was a challenging task. We drilled holes in the wall, assembled rods, and injected chemical anchor bolt until late in the evening. As a result, the shelves have the load capacity of even up to around 30 kg without support.

We also made two oak glass and refreshments cabinets for the set and… a natural tree standing in the corner of the room. The idea was to keep it as much in tune with nature as possible, so we simply chose a hornbeam tree, which we then barked, ground, and oiled.

Dębowe szafki zaolejowane

The brand colours in the chairperson’s office

We’ll continue the journey in the chairperson’s office. Right from the entrance, we are enraptured by unique furniture — the desk, which has an extension in the form of a small conference table, and a coffee table placed by a comfortable sofa and armchairs. The interior designer’s concept of the office block’s design was to be consistent, so she opted for nature, walnut, resin, and polish. This can be clearly noticed by examining this room.

Look at the table tops. The blue streak of resin passes through the natural, barked board edge of the walnut, which highlights the graining of wood and its natural shades in a fantastic way. By covering the furniture with gloss varnish, the colours become saturated and attract the eye even more. The simple, minimalistic table legs add a touch of elegance. After all, this is where the chief executive of the company works. It’s a timeless, light and modern composition of textures, colours, and structures.

Biurko ze stołem konferencyjnym z żywicą epoksydową
Biurko z przedłużeniem z żywicy
Stolik kawowy z drewna orzechowego z żywicą

The interior – a masterpiece of carpentry art

An ideal design of an office block should not only delight with its aesthetic qualities but also go in line with the company’s marketing goals. Sometimes it’s not enough to design a bright, minimal, functional, and elegant space. If we want it to impress with every detail, it’s necessary to take care of each and every one of them. All of it to ensure that the visitor notices and is amazed at the thorough design. It appears that we managed to achieve this effect in the interior of this office block. We surely left a part of ourselves in this project and put a lot of work into it.

This is why, upon hearing the words of Ewelina from Eh Studio – “Amongst many manufacturers of unusual furniture and accessories, they are the ones who caught my attention. Beautiful and natural wood, craftsmanship and precision, the ability to turn each of my visions into a piece of furniture—that’s all it takes for a designer with an artistic soul and a craftsman’s eye” – our Malita souls feel completely satisfied.