A journey through the interior of an office block, Part One

Jan 30, 2022Furniture for companies, Products - tables

It’s modern and business-like but also warm and natural. The interior design captivates right from the entrance and is indicative of current trends. This is the reception of the building block where an international cosmetics company is headquartered.
The primary goal for both the architect and our carpenters was a proper selection of materials and details so as to arrange the space in alignment with the brand’s vision, reflecting its essence—naturalness.

Let us show you around this unique interior.

It all goes back to… resin

It’s one of the longest and biggest Malita Just Wood projects. The investor’s dream was to place a wooden resin river table in their office. The architect, Ewelina from Eh Studio, searched for a carpentry shop that offers original, unconventional, and meticulously developed designs. She was also interested in professionalism, experience, and a well-established position in the market. This is how she came across Malita Just Wood in 2018 during the Warsaw Home fair.

Ewelina was very committed and devoted all her efforts to planning the space. She designed each piece of furniture separately, paying attention to all the details and devising final touches. She expected the same from us, her contractors. She cared about fulfilling her vision but also having an equal partner with whom she could talk over the details of her concept. Hence many months of discussions, sketches, visualisations, dimensioning, and arrangements.

Nowoczesna recepcja z litego drewna orzecha w biurowcu

Before we began implementing the project, we prepared samples of oak wood and walnut wood with resin. In the end we went with the walnut in the chairperson’s office and a beautiful, precious oak wood in the conference room. We chose an ink navy resin colour for the coffee table in the reception and the table in the chairperson’s office. All the arrangements resulted in a contract signed at the end of May 2019, which involved making furniture for:

  • the reception (a table next to the armchairs, reception desk, and a free standing shelf in the shape of a tree),
  • the conference room (a table, hanging shelves, cabinets, natural wood),
  • the chairperson’s office (a desk, a table, built-in furniture).

One of the more interesting challenges we came upon in the project was that every wooden element was supposed to be soaked in resin! It was a fantastic idea but also an extremely difficult procedure. It uniquely spices up the colour scheme of the furniture and closes the natural wood pores, so that the surface is smooth and uniform. The furniture varnishing to a high gloss complements the effect.

Meble do biura - recepcja z litego drewna, orzech

Malita Just Wood began working on the order in May 2020, while the handover of the completed project took place at the beginning of July 2020. The effect is exquisite, so we invite you to take a tour of this remarkable office block interior.

Eye-catching reception

We begin our journey at the reception. As it is situated on the glamorous and prestigious ground floor of the office block, it had to serve as an element that would let the investor’s company stand out. Nature, walnut, resin, polish—these four elements are the pillars of this room’s consistent concept:

  • the modernistic block of the reception desk,
  • the free standing shelf shaped like a tree, designed to display the company’s products,
  • the walnut table with a navy resin river, which goes well with the brand colours.

Both we and the architect have no doubt that the reception desk is a masterpiece. It’s the first thing to appear right in front of the visitor and other elements of the arrangement serve as a continuation and development of the vision. First you see a white modern shaped block, overlaid with crisscross beam made of solid walnut wood. Resin, which saturates the beams, accentuates its natural colour. There are two work stations situated on the inside of the counter. A big moss painting, hanging over the counter, gives a lovely touch of colour and complements this beautiful composition.

recepcja obraz z mchu chrobotek nowoczesny styl
Lada recepcji z litego drewna orzechowego

The standing shelf, which imitates a real tree, was the most difficult element to make due to the very functional character of this piece of furniture. The branches of the “tree” were to be perfectly levelled so that the liquid in cosmetics remained even. The shelf is a combination of solid wood and veneer with ideally colour-matched elements in order to cover any difference between the face veneer and the board. This makes it blend in wonderfully with the entire space and emphasises the intricacy of workmanship.

Stand z półkami z drewna i forniru
stolik kawowy zywica epoksydowa stylowe wnetrza boho scandi

The navy colour used for the resin river flowing in the table, which is placed between two designer armchairs, corresponds with the company logo. This way, the piece of furniture brings together all remaining elements of the arrangement. In order to fulfil the investor’s wish, we made sure that the walnut boards in the table are abundant in bark and have an interesting, natural edge. The high gloss of the varnish wonderfully highlights the taint of the table.

nowoczesne Fotele w kolorze logo firmy
Stolik z rzeką żywicy i kory

As accurately as… under an architect’s eye

The whole interior of the office block is an incredibly elaborate and harmonious design. It was meant to impress its visitors with elegance and quality but also underline the brand assets. And, as ever, we left a large piece of our Malita heart in this project. It’s all the more reason to be happy that the architect chose us, Malita Just Wood, for such a precision work.

“The concept was ambitious, every detail was drawn up. And the result? It was perfect, accurate, identical to what I had sketched with my digital pen 🙂 I very much doubt that anyone else would be able to satisfy my high aesthetic demands” – these are the words of Ewelina from Eh Studio, which we are extremely pleased to hear. And in the next episode we are going to continue our journey through the interior of the office block—join us!